• The media learned about the penetration of the military hackers of the USA in the Russian system

  • Us military hackers broke into the Russian national grid, telecommunications networks and "the Kremlin's system of control," reports NBC News, citing senior intelligence officials and documents seen by channel.

    As noted, this penetration creates the conditions in order to inflict harm on Russian systems, if the United States deems it necessary.

    Earlier, us officials said that Russia, China and other countries have penetrated segments of the critical infrastructure of the United States, leaving behind a bookmark of a malicious software, which when activated can turn off the electricity or the Internet in all major cities.

    Accordingly, as the answer assumes the adoption of similar measures. In the intelligence community said that this is true in relation to Russia.

    Recently in relation to Russia in the United States has begun to sound also charges that she allegedly tries to, including by the hacker action to interfere in the election process for the President to play along with the Republican Donald Trump, who some call "the Kremlin's favorite".

    At the same time representatives of the American special services do not tend to expect from Russia of attacks on critical infrastructure, as it would be an act of war. However, they believe that in the framework of the information war to throw in a network of fake materials hack social media accounts to spread misinformation.

    Officials clarify that cyber weapons, the U.S. will be involved in full measure only in the unlikely case that their country would suffer a serious attack. In invisible mode, if managed to infiltrate the network, remains, in particular, the possibility of secret data collection.

    In early November, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry said, the decision on the response to the Russian cyber-attacks on American servers has long been accepted by President Barack Obama.

    Summer became aware of the hacking of computer systems of the US Democratic party. Democrats have suggested that the attack — the handiwork of Russian hackers and Moscow is thus trying to affect the election results.

    The Ministry of internal security of the United States October 7 published the statement, which stated that the hacking cost the Russian government. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov called funny rumors about Moscow's intervention in the election campaign in the United States, while noting that the us government has not presented a single proof of Russia's involvement in these actions.


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