• Media reported about the possible access of foreign intelligence services to Clinton

  • The Federal Bureau of investigation, the U.S. 99 percent sure that about five of the intelligence services of foreign States could have access to the emails of Hillary Clinton, which he sent from the personal server, the post of Secretary of state. On Thursday, November 3, reports Fox News, citing close to the investigation sources.

    According to the head of the Committee on national security of the house of representatives of the us Congress Michael McCall, it can be regarded as "treason." "She gave [information] to our enemies," he said, noting that in the hands of "adversaries could be very important information".

    McCall also referred to the words of the head of the FBI James Komi, told him that a foreign state may have had access to the server Clinton. Thus in his public speeches, Komi Republic noted that no evidence of this, although this possibility is not excluded.

    28 October it became known that in business about the leak of the official correspondence of Clinton appeared new materials. According to the Washington Post, we are talking about documents discovered on the computer of former Congressman Anthony Weiner. As noted, his wife huma Abedin, an activist of the Democratic party and assistant to Clinton.

    The scandal with e-mail, Clinton broke in March of 2015. It turned out that, during his tenure as Secretary of state, she kept up a correspondence via personal Inbox. Later, the politician gave the FBI emails, got on a private server to store e-mails, however, removed more than 30 thousand letters, stating that they were purely private in nature.

    The results of the investigation, U.S. attorney General Loretta Lynch refused to bring charges against Clinton and the Komi Republic said, what evidence of intentional abandonment of information without adequate protection, and the betrayal of the country in its actions is not found.


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