• Media reported about giving the CIA the right to kill terrorists-drones

  • The US President Donald trump has given the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) the authority to attack the positions of terrorists with unmanned aerial vehicles. About this newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, January 13, citing informed sources.

    According to the publication, this policy says about changing the course followed by predecessor trump Barack Obama. While he led the country, drones and other equipment used in the exploration of the United States only to determine the location of the militants, airstrikes struck the military.

    Now the CIA has the right to conduct operations to eliminate terrorists, and, unlike the Pentagon, is not required to report the number destroyed by extremists.

    As writes the edition, first CLA used it's right at the end of February for the elimination of Syria one of the leaders of the banned terrorist group al-Qaeda Abu al-Kheir al-Masri. That operation was carried out with the participation of the CIA, was not disclosed.

    The WSJ adds that the Pentagon and the CIA to comment on this topic refused.


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