• Media of the DPRK made fun of the scandal with the fortune teller in South Korea

  • North Korean media criticized South Korean President of the pan Geun-Hee after reports emerged that the main counselor of the head of state was her friend, the shaman Choi sung-SIL. In particular, the newspaper wrote that "the administration of the President of the ugly, the crazy and stupid from those that exist in modern society". About it reports on Tuesday, November 1, The South China Morning Post.

    "Pyongyang, in which none of the media can not criticize the country's leadership, lost no opportunity in order to smithereens post pan Geun-Hee" — the newspaper notes.

    North Korean state news Agency KCNA has called the events in Seoul "disgusting corruption case that has no precedent in the history of South Korea".

    In Seoul, the scandal is gaining momentum, threatening to turn the impeachment of President Park Geun-Hye. The President accused that she surrounded herself with sectarians and fortune-tellers who had access to secret government documents and influenced the political course of the country. Against friends President Choi sung SIL brought charges that she used her influence to keep a major South Korean corporations to make multimillion-dollar donations to two of the related Fund.


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