• Syrian refugee became a German porn star

  • Refugee from Syria Antonio Suleiman (Suleiman Antonio) was the star of the movie for adults, after moving to Germany. The story of a young man, published Daily Mail.

    As told the publication the 19-year-old Suleiman, he arrived in Germany at age 15 with his parents. According to the Syrian he had always dreamed of a career in porn, but at home, this occupation is prohibited by law.

    In Europe, Antonio starred in several films, the most popular of which was "Arab king" (The Arabian King).

    A young man has complained that in Germany he did not give rest the Puritan-minded former compatriots. According to Suleiman, the countrymen find him in social networks, shamed and write threatening messages. Antonio responds moralists to attack him, but "for those who are satisfied with the terrorist attacks in France".

    Suleiman said that their creativity would like to break the stereotypes of Europeans about migrants from Islamic countries.

    In 2015, Germany profits more than 1.1 million migrants from the countries of North Africa and the Middle East.


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