• Seagal commented on obtaining a Russian passport

  • American actor Steven Seagal, who received 3 November, Russian citizenship, said that extremely pleased with this circumstance. He told about it in interview to TV channel REN TV.

    "I have a deep respect and affection for Russia. As for his own country. I always thought that USA and Russia should be best friends and allies," he said, noting that constantly works over improvement of relations between Moscow and Washington.

    Segal also noted that in Russia he has many friends, and his father's family is originally from Vladivostok.

    Earlier press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov said, what Segal long and persistently asked to grant him citizenship. At the same time, a Kremlin spokesman admitted that he did not know exactly what the actor explained this request.

    The President Of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the decree on granting the actor Russian citizenship on 3 November.

    The actor known for his roles in action movies. On account of his nearly 50 films, including "neither alive Nor dead", "maximum depth", "Today you die" and "Machete".


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