• Swiss students took an active part in the work of the APU

  • Swiss students during field trips Arctic floating University (APU) on Board the research vessel "Professor Molchanov" needs to address the issue of climate change not only from the point of view of their specialty, but also from the point of view of a different culture — Russian. Told about it TASS the project Manager from the Swiss side, Eric Xin.

    "Our universities had the idea that it is not enough to prepare graduates only for a specific discipline, it is important to become able to work in this global world. To do this, they must understand other countries, their culture. People come out of University with good knowledge, very talented young people, but they know little about China, or Russia, or South Africa, and believe that global peace is a peace with the Western rules, that is completely wrong. We need to understand and listen to others work as approach to solving problems for many different projects, you can look at things from different points of view"," said Xin.

    On Board the "Molchanov" the students of the University of Geneva, University of Lausanne Federal Polytechnic University. This is the future journalists, lawyers, experts in international relations, biologists, hydrologists. They conduct research based on the theme of climate change. The task of the expedition is to understand how it is perceived in Russia.

    21 Jul expedition of the Arctic floating University (APU) have reached the northernmost point during its existence, said the leader of the expedition Konstantin Zaykov. According to him, access to these latitudes became possible due to climate change.


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