• The headquarters of the ATO said the lack of attacks in the wound of a member of Parliament

  • In the industrial zone of Avdiivka in the Donetsk region, where on 14 July received a shrapnel wound Verkhovna Rada Deputy Yevgeny Deydey, there were no attacks. This "Ukrainian truth" said the military involved in the collection of this information, as well as representatives of the press center of the headquarters of the so-called anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in the Donbass.

    "Only the fire from heavy machine guns and small arms started at 21:30 at the positions near the industrial zone. That is shelling from mortars and other heavy weapons at this time especially it wasn't recorded", — said the security forces.

    The head of the press center of staff ATO Vyacheslav Petrovsky confirmed that on 14 July, during the day residential areas of the Town were not fired.

    According to information "Ukrainian truth", Deidei was wounded in the leg in the Old Avdeevka (it claims and the MP, the newspaper notes). This area is not advanced, but occasionally there still came the mines. According to various reports, the MP was wounded in the period from 17:20 to 18:30.

    The politician 15 July wrote to Facebook, he did not want "someone to prove something". "All who now relishes the details — catch the video of the dressing. I swept a half feet, not shell-shocked, not killed — it's a flesh wound", he added.

    The Prosecutor of Dade reported the Prosecutor's office of Ukraine. The criminal proceedings are begun, the case is pre-qualified under part 2 of article 258 of the criminal code (Terrorist act).


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