• Scottish politician joined the fight with sheep

  • The leader of the Scottish liberal democratic party William Rennie was photographed with a sheep. On Friday, April 21, reports the Daily Mirror.

    A politician is touring Scotland and meets with voters before the local elections of may fourth. During a visit to the farm in Fife, he jokingly began to fight artiodactyl.

    One of the photos Renny pulls the RAM by the horns. In another frame, a RAM standing on its hind legs and rests his head in the chest of the enemy. In the last photo the politician laughs in the herd of a dozen sheep.

    Daily Mirror notes that during the election campaign in 2015, he also took pictures with the sheep.

    In past elections, Scottish liberal democratic party managed to hold in the British Parliament only one Deputy. In Parliament sit five representatives of the party. Rennie promises that this time the result will be better.


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