• Shoigu revealed some plans of military development until 2025

  • The defense Ministry is preparing proposals to the draft State armament programme for the years 2018-2025, in the construction of military infrastructure. Reports "Interfax", said defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

    The Minister noted that budget limitations must be "reconciled planning of capital construction".

    "The main efforts will be aimed at creating sites for the grouping of forces and means of nuclear deterrence of ground, naval and air bases," he stressed, explaining that this direction will create 129 objects, and six airfields for long-range aviation

    All, according to him, it is planned to construct and put in operation 1740 military installations (including 33 airfield tactical aviation), and to build 24 thousand kilometers of fiber-optic communication lines. Also is the reconstruction of the berths of the points of basing of the Navy bases and the deployment of missile complexes "Ball", "Bastion" and "Iskander-M". In particular, it will be put into operation 1064 set of shelters for equipment.

    Earlier, in March 2017, a source in the Russian Military-industrial Commission reported that the new GPV-2025 will be the development and the procurement of smart weapons systems and military equipment. Suggestions for the program should be drawn up by the summer of 2017 in order to assert them in the second half.


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