• Sinead O'connor was hospitalized after posting suicide videos

  • Irish singer Sinead O'connor was put in the hospital after published in Facebook video, she complained of depression and suicidal thoughts. On Thursday, August 10, reports The Independent.

    50-year old actress is in one of hospitals of the American state of new Jersey. After the publication in social networks and media coverage of the Motel where she lives, began to gather fans willing to help his idol.

    The entry in Facebook appeared 4 Aug. The actress, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, with tears in eyes admitted, he feels completely alone and that her family treats her "like shit".

    "I now live in a Motel (...) on the outskirts of new Jersey. [I have] no one but my doctor, my psychiatrist is the best person on earth, who says that I'm his hero. It's the only damn thing that keeps me alive at the moment," said 50-year-old singer.

    This is not the first time O'connor talks about wanting to commit suicide. In November 2015, she said in Facebook that took a lethal dose of a medication. The singer blamed her husband and children in "horrendous atrocities" and "nightmarish string of betrayal" towards her. In addition, she attempted suicide at the age of 33 and 45 years.

    Sinead O'connor has released more than 10 albums and 30 singles. World famous singer brought the song Nothing Compares 2 U, written by Prince. For the album I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got O'connor received in 1991 the award "Grammy". She was married four times, has four kids. By court it is deprived of custody of the youngest, 13-year-old son.


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