• Shakhnazarov called the idiocy of his appearance on the Ukrainian site "Peacemaker"

  • Russian Director Karen Shakhnazarov has commented on reports that the Ukrainian website "Peacemaker" has included it in the list of "separatists and agents of the Kremlin". Its words TV channel "360" on Friday, April 21.

    The filmmaker called the activity of the website idiocy. "Stupidity, unlike genius, is limitless," — said Shakhnazarov.

    The Director stressed that the appearance of his name in the list of "Peacemaker" is treated with indifference.

    It is noted that the Ukrainian site Shakhnazarov accused of anti-Ukrainian propaganda, interference in the internal Affairs of a sovereign state and the manipulation of information of public interest.

    In 2015, the Ministry of culture of Ukraine admitted Shakhnazarov person threatening the national security of the country. The filmmaker denied entry to Ukraine. Just blacklist the Agency included more than 80 people, including Natalya Varley, Valentina Talyzina, Mikhail Boyarsky and Valentin Gaft.

    "Peacemaker" is laid out personal information of people, the opposition to Kiev. April 10, in the database of the resource appeared Russian artists Mikhail Shufutinsky, Tatiana Lipnitskaya (known under the name Bianca), Yulianna Karaulova and Stas Peha.

    Shakhnazarov has directed such films as "Courier", "We are from jazz", "the Kingslayer" and "zero City".


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