• Northern fleet launched a floating hydrographic universitet

  • On Board the hydrographic vessel "Horizon" of the Northern fleet, which is now in the Barents sea, began a training collection of young professionals. In particular, in the life of "University" will involve servicemen of the Northern fleet and the civilian hydrographers, specializing in the study of Arctic waters, reports TASS.

    "The decision to hold a training collection on Board the survey vessel in the sea was taken in the Northern fleet for the first time since the formation of the Navy Arctic Oceanographic expedition", — reported in a press-service of the fleet.

    The main purpose of the gathering is practical training of young specialists for the scientific research in high-latitude regions of the Arctic ocean and in the Arctic Islands during their release from the ice cover. The studies themselves are scheduled for the most opportune time — in the late summer — early autumn.

    6 March was reported formation the crew of the new icebreaker of the Northern fleet "Ilya Muromets", created specifically for operation in the Arctic seas. Sevflot scored on the ship is the most experienced sailors the support of the fleet, many of whom have experience serving on combat ships.


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