• The separatists carried out a series of attacks in southern Thailand

  • The separatists carried out a series of raids on various targets in the southern Thai provinces of Songkhla, Pattani, and Narathiwat, killing three people, five were injured. On Thursday, November 3, according to the Khaosod newspaper, citing data security services.

    In Pattani, the attackers broke into a roadside convenience store, doused the premises with gasoline and set him on fire. The staff managed to get out through the emergency exit. Later located near burnt store gas station, the police found an explosive device.

    In Songkhla robbers shot two security guards of the showroom, and then burned the room.

    The third victim of the attacks became a soldier. Four militants on motorcycles opened fire on a military base, causing one of the soldiers was fatally injured.

    In total in days in the South of the country occurred on 19 attacks. The burst of activity of the separatists could be associated with the beginning of the next round of negotiations, the newspaper writes. The authorities try not to call the attacks perpetrated by the terrorist attacks and talking about the bandit attacks.

    24 Oct as a result of explosion in cafe in the city of Pattani killed one person, 16 injured.

    A month earlier, three police officers were killed, two others were injured in the terrorist attack in the southern provinces of Thailand — Yala. As reported, the patrol in two SUVs were ambushed. The car was undermined on a land mine and then opened fire from automatic weapons.

    In the South of Thailand are active extremist and separatist groups. According to the monitoring group Deep South Watch, since 2004 from their hands, killing more than 6.5 thousand people.


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