• Did the SBU Manager in the extreme situation with the plane "Belavia"

  • The security Service of Ukraine has reviewed the transcript of the dispatcher talks in Kiev with the pilot of the aircraft of the Belarusian airline "Belavia", which returned to the airport of departure under threat to raise the fighters. About it 112.ua I declared a press-the Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya.

    "We were not present at the negotiations, and I can't sign in "UkSATSE" (the state enterprise for air traffic management of Ukraine). It is possible that the human factor has worked, and this is fiction, people overdid it," said she. Gitlyanskaya added, what SBU did not give any guidance as fighters.

    According to published earlier in Belarus the text of the transcripts, when 21 Oct "Boeing" took off from the Kyiv airport, the dispatcher has informed the commander that the aircraft should return. "For failure will be raised combat aircraft for interception", — he added.

    After landing one of the passengers — blogger and journalist Armen Martirosian brought from the plane. After a short time the man was released. As explained in the SBU, the ship returned to the security forces were able to verify the absence of threats to national security. The information about the threat to raise in the air fighters, announced by the airline, the security services denied.

    On Board was heading to Minsk aircraft were 136 passengers and six crew members. In connection with the incident Minsk said The Kiev protest. The note stated that "the Belarusian side expects an official apology and requires recovery of all financial costs and expenses caused by the actions of the Ukrainian side."


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