• SBU will hold exercises on the border with the Crimea

  • The security service of Ukraine (SBU) will hold antiterrorist exercises on the border with Crimea. On Friday, April 21, reports "Correspondent" with reference to the press-Secretary of management of SBU in the Kherson region Victoria Sukulu.

    Events will be held in Genichesk district. "It's just an exercise, routine that from time to time conduct", — said Shakula.

    The representative of the SBU urged local residents to remain calm "in connection with the concentration in the locality of special forces and the military and be sensitive to possible temporary inconvenience." According to Sakula, the trainings will not affect the work of the border checkpoint "Chongar".

    In March, the SBU said about the arrest of nine people who, according to intelligence agencies, were members of a secret network of Russian special services.

    In November 2016 Ukrainian counterintelligence detained the Russian military, who served in the Crimea. In the SBU called the soldiers, "deserters, who served in the Ukrainian army." The detention was allegedly made during their attempts to cross the border of Crimea. The Ministry of defense of Russia in this case claimed, that the military were "illegally arrested and deported from Crimea to the territory of the Nikolaev area".


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