• Savchenko told about the formation of the new Ukrainian government "in the blood of the Maidan"

  • Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Hope Savchenko said that the present government came to power "in the blood of the Maidan." This opinion was expressed on Thursday, November 3, during communication with the depositors of the failed Bank on "Michael", reports RIA Novosti.

    "You have the right to independence, it came to power on the blood of the Maidan," — said the MP. At the same time, she expressed confidence that the government will not accept protests organized in the center of the Ukrainian capital.

    "Open the map of Kiev, view near Kiev where are their estates if you want them to hear you, you there, and then you unfortunately will not hear. So you need to come home and knock on doors. You just come and politely knock on the door: you stole from us, we came to your house. You stand on the Maidan, only what will happen, knock at the police," concluded Savchenko.

    Earlier, on 3 November, more than three hundred depositors "Michael" blocked Bankova street and Khreshchatyk. The participants demanded to return the Deposit and send in resignation the head of the national Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva. On Khreshchatyk police tried to push protesters onto the sidewalk, to unblock traffic. In result, a fight broke out that escalated into a fight.

    23 may, the national Bank took financial institution in the category of insolvent and accused its leaders of fraud, in which the load on the Fund of guaranteeing the deposits of individuals grew from 1,6 billion hryvnias (3,97 billion) to 2.6 billion hryvnia (6,44 billion). In August, President Petro Poroshenko promised to depositors "Michael", "the stolen money will be found and used for payments".


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