• The world's oldest wombat died at age 32

  • In the Australian Park the Ballarat Wildlife (Ballarat Wildlife Park) died the world's oldest wombat that lived in captivity, it is reported on the page of the animal in Facebook. The male was 32 years old.

    As pointed out in the record of the death of a wombat named Patrick, he was in the Park after the death of his mother, which was hit by a car. In 2014 was created dedicated to the animal account is Patrick the Wombat. Of more than 56 thousand fans and 55 million followers.

    "At the time of Patrick's death was surrounded by loving and caring people", — said in the recording. The leaders of the Park plan to install a memorial in honor of the wombat. Page Patrick on Facebook will fill up with information on his relatives, who also live in the institution.

    In February it became known, in the Leningrad zoo's oldest giraffe in the world, a female named meadows, died at the age of 35 years. She was born in the zoo on 4 November 1981. Together with a male named hamlet animal gave birth to seven cubs.


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