• The shortest flight in the world carried its millionth passenger

  • The shortest flight in the world operated by the airline Loganair, reached over a million travelers transported. On Tuesday, November 1, the Guardian writes.

    Millionth passenger on the route between the Islands 's what westray and Dad's What Westray in Scotland 31 Oct was Anne Randall (Anne Rendall). She is a member of the Scottish Royal Bank and its work made more than 10 thousand flights. The woman in honor of this event presented a bouquet of flowers.

    Eight aircraft Loganair overcomes the path length of 2.7 km in about two minutes. With a fair wind, the time is reduced to 47 seconds. This route was officially included in the Guinness Book of records as the shortest scheduled flight in the world.

    Wednesday, November 2, Austrian airlines, People's Viennaline needs to run the route from Switzerland to Germany with a duration of eight minutes. With this measure it should be the shortest international flight in the world.


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