• The plane went into the second round of games the two foxes on the runway

  • A plane flying from Ufa to Moscow, failed the first time to sit in the capital's Sheremetyevo airport for two foxes running across the runway. This is with reference to the press service of the air Harbor Wednesday, November 2, reports RIAMA.

    According to the source Agency, Fox "chased each other, jumped and did not pay attention to employees who were trying to get rid of them". In the end, the Manager did not allow the landing, and the liner had to go to the second round.

    22 Oct in the same airport the plane had to perform the same maneuver due to lying on the runway dead Fox. How the body of the animal was there — is not clear.

    In July, the aircraft failed the first time land at the airport of Bariloche (Argentina) because of the man Smoking on the runway. He went out there, requiring to provide him a ticket to Buenos Aires — there was his seriously ill father, and money to pay for the flight the men were not.


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