• The female crocodile cook from the Brazilian children's show eclipsed meme gay

  • Netizens turned into a meme character of the popular Brazilian children's show Sítio do Picapau Amarelo female crocodile cook. This drew the attention of BuzzFeed.

    Users actively use images and gifs with the heroine and admit that her face in response is suitable for almost any situation.

    "Cook is my new favorite and the best thing that happened to Twitter, ready to fight for it"

    Some admit that they want to tweet with the Cookie, even if they don't know what situation they want to describe.

    "I can't think of anything clever to tweet, I just want to publish a cook"

    "Cook goes for the Babadook"

    Many users have decided that the crocodile is a worthy replacement recently become popular meme with the evil night spirit, the Babadook. Bloggers collectively dubbed the hero of children's horror stories new the main symbol of the LGBT community, but fans of the Cookie found that it is better suited for this role.


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