• Red Tarzan tried to escape from the courtroom

  • Custody nationalist Vyacheslav Datsik, known as Red Tarzan, tried to escape when he was escorted from the courtroom. This was reported to the management page of Regardie in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region in the network "VKontakte".

    The incident occurred on Wednesday, may 17, in the course of the hearing in Central district court on the extension Datsik period of detention.

    "The citizen began to behave unruly and aggressive in this connection the judge had taken the decision to expel him from the courtroom. When transmitting it from the floor, the defendant had physical resistance and inflicted injuries to one of the police officers who carried out the escort, and tried to leave the area of protection", — stated in the message.

    Riot police thwarted an attempt by Datsik to escape from custody and arrested the defendant at the scene.

    At the end of March Datsik tried to eat one of the documents of the criminal case. Investigators were able to snatch the paper from the mouth of Datsik, but the document was no longer subject to recovery.

    Datsik 19 may 2016, is under arrest in a remand prison No. 1 "Crosses". Concerning it criminal case under article 139 of the criminal code ("Violation of domicile") and article 162 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ("the Robbery made by a group of persons with use of objects used as weapons").

    The consequence considers that Datsik broke down the door of the room of the St. Petersburg boutique Otel Graftio, where he was a resident of Moscow, and put her in the hallway. There the woman managed to escape. In addition, nationalist along with soul mate also broke into one of the public buildings of St. Petersburg, has forced prostitutes to strip and driven them to the police station. After that he wanted to do the same thing in a different school, but was arrested on the road.

    Two months before this Datsik freed from prison where he was serving a sentence for a series of raids on cellular.


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