• Red cat-giant named Omar became a hero of social networks

  • The network drew attention to living in Melbourne (Australia) cat Maine Coon named Omar. Pictures of a pet was published in Instagram account Omar mainecoon.

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    Internet users in the first place attracted extraordinary length lobster: according to the hostess stephie Hurst (Hirst Stafie), it exceeds 118,3 cm, and the cat weighs over 14 pounds. "This is a very cute animal, but I would be afraid that he'll strangle me in my sleep," admitted one of the subscribers Instagram account of the Maine Coon.

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    As noted by Hurst, she had thought that Omar might be the longest cat in the world. "Nothing special but we did not take, because he is still not fully grown," she said.

    Shared A post by Omar the Maine Coon (@omar_mainecoon) on

    According to her, the lobster is not chasing fame, and prefers to lead a relaxed lifestyle. "He likes to lie on the trampoline, eat kangaroo and not allow us to sleep at night," joked Hurst, quoted by BBC News.

    However, the representatives of the Guinness Book of records said that they already received a statement from "Omar and his family." Its consideration may take about 12 weeks. Today's longest cat is 118-inch British Maine Coon named Ludo.

    At the time of this writing, on account of Omar was signed by more than 17 thousand people.


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