• Rotenberg ruled out a revaluation of the value of the Crimean bridge

  • Arkady Rotenberg said that his company "stroygazmontazh", the contractor building the Crimean bridge, has no plans to revise the cost of construction of the object. He stated this channel "Russia 24". Excerpts from the interview on Tuesday, November 1, leads TASS.

    "We, first, can revise the cost of the bridge, and, in principle, do not plan. We passed the state examination, determined the price, and today we are under this price and work," he said.

    Rotenberg recalled that the bridge will cost 227,992 billion. Of this amount, the contractor has already mastered 30 billion. The most time-consuming part of the object — the bridge — is planned to be built in the middle of 2017.

    28 Oct builders reported about the overfulfillment of the annual plan for the construction of the pillars of the Crimean bridge — built 154 of 595 supports. Initially, at the end of the year they planned to build not less than 120.

    24 Oct it was reported about the beginning of laying the roadway of the bridge.

    The bridge across the Kerch Strait length of 19 kilometers under construction on means of the Federal budget. The contract for the design and construction of the facility was signed on 17 February 2015 between the Management of Federal highways "Taman" Rosavtodor and "SGM" Rotenberg. The bridge will become the longest in Russia. It will connect the Crimean Peninsula with the mainland road (all four lanes) and railroads. Movement of cars will open in December 2018, the railway line will be put into temporary operation in December 2019.


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