• The Russian defense industry will be connected to the isolated from the Internet network

  • Russian defense enterprises will bring together, within the secure data network that is isolated from the Internet. Write about this "Izvestia", citing sources in the military-industrial complex.

    The network, which received the name "secure communications" (ESS), will be established before the end of 2017, the work on it was launched in April 2015. The performers are the United instrument-making Corporation (part of supply of equipment and software development) and the company "Voentelekom" (installation and operation).

    The prototype, as the newspaper notes, was the network of United aircraft Corporation, created for the implementation of the project Tu-160M2 and brought together in a single "virtual CB" jobs engineers 40 companies across the country.

    "By the end of this year, the system will be installed at the backbone enterprises of the military industrial complex, and next year ESS will appear on the rest of the defense enterprises and research centers. Due to the large amount of work expenses on the formation of the ESS divided between "Voentelekom" and by the enterprises themselves," — said the source publication.

    Communication channel to the Central node of the network needs to transmit multimedia data, having a capacity of at least 10 megabits per second. The company will use BES for exchange of instructions, design documentation, photo and video tests, and also telemetry information from the test products (in real time).

    With reference to the representatives of the defence industry, the newspaper writes that the network will work only computers running operating systems Astra Linus and the WASA ("Mobile system of the armed forces"). ESS will be completely isolated from the Internet, and in the future combined with SSPD (closed military data network). The network connection of non-certified equipment will be excluded, for this purpose, a monitoring subsystem and fixation.


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