• Russian animated series was among the best in Cannes

  • Russian animated series "the Chameleon" was released in the final pitching children's web series MIP Digital Short Form Series Pitch in Cannes. On Monday, March 20, according to the producer center "Ricky".

    The final will take place on 3 April within the international market of digital and television content MIPTV.

    "Part of the project in the pitching MIPTV is of great importance to us, as "Chameleons" actually are the first for the authors experience in creating animated product efforts of all the international teams and production directly to the English" — believe the press service of the company.

    It is noted that "Chameleons" — "the only Russian animation project, selected to participate in the first ever MIPTV market competition of short series".

    In the finals in the category of child content in addition to the Russian animated series will be presented the projects of the Action! (Spain), Los Osos Perez (Argentina), Mini Mind Warriors (China), Paper girl (USA), and the second season of the Web series RESET (New Zealand).

    "Chameleons" — Comedy animated series aimed at children from nine to 11 years. The plans of the founders — production of 26 episodes in 3D using three-dimensional computer graphics CGI.

    MIPTV — the market of digital and television content, which takes place on the territories that are managed for the Cannes film festival since 1965.


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