• Russian experts spoke about the role of fortune tellers in relations between Moscow and Seoul

  • Russian experts believe that the trapped in the center of the scandal Choi sung-SIL, a fortune teller and friend of the President of South Korea Park Geun-Hye, had not had an impact on relations between Moscow and Seoul. On Thursday, November 3, reports Russia Beyond The Headlines.

    "Even if it is confirmed suspicions that Choi sung-SIL influenced the formation of foreign policy of the country, this does not mean that in the absence of Russian-Korean relations will improve," said Professor of the University of Kukmin Andrei Lankov, noting that currently they are "in relatively good shape." "But let's not build illusions. No matter who is President of South Korea. Country will always keep close relations with the United States," he concluded.

    The experts do not exclude that under the influence of a shaman is determined, in particular, South Korean policy toward North Korea. "As a result of the investigation, it turns out, in making any particular decisions participated Choi sung-SIL. Korean media suggest that she had a hand in the closure of the Kaesong industrial zone," — said the Director of the Center for Asian strategy of Russia of the Institute of Economics Georgy Toloraya.

    3 November, the court issued a warrant for the arrest of 60-year-old woman. It blaming meddling in the Affairs of state, and that it has used its influence, forcing major South Korean corporations to make multimillion-dollar donations to two of the related Fund.

    Choi sung-SIL — daughter of Choi Tae the Mine, head of a shaman cult in the country. Park Geun-Hye became friends with their family once in 1974 was killed by the mother of the future head of state.

    Since the end of October in Seoul is gaining momentum scandal, threatens impeachment for the President. The President accused that she surrounded herself with sectarians and fortune-tellers who had access to secret government documents and influenced the political course of the country. When Park Geun-Hye adopted a decision to close the Kaesong industrial zone and the complete cessation of economic cooperation with the DPRK.


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