• Russian designers have developed a virtual fitting room

  • Russian designer and the founder of the brand Not Addicted Kate Bakumenko has developed an online application that will serve as virtual dressing rooms. About it reported in a press release, which received the Tape.ru Monday, March 20.

    The Beautify app automatically detects the color of hair, eyes and skin and offers ready-made images, depending on the selected style. The beta version of the project is scheduled to launch in early summer.

    Stylists Not Addicted I choose clothes based on the rules of color. "The color type is a seasonal method: winter, spring, summer fall. Summarizing the information about the color types, we can say that they combine three characteristics. Our task is to identify the main. It will be color," said stylist Mary Meyer.


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      Chanel offered for auction Only Watch unique watches

      Chanel company introduced the watch auction Only Watch, which will be held in Monaco in November 2017. This is a unique version of the model J12-XS for the Only Watch with a bracelet-a cuff, Maison Lesage embroidered with beads and dial with baguette-cut diamonds. Estimate of hours is 35 thousand euros.

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      Trussardi has released "divine" holdalls

      Italian brand Trussardi has released men's backpacks with a print head of an antique statue. The image crosses a broad red stripe, resembling smear with oil paint. The model is made in army style duffel bag with drawstring and is available in two versions — leather and jacquard textile.

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      The British artist has decorated the shop window with portraits of tissue.

      British artist Benjamin Shine has arranged the exhibition Seeing Through The Material in the Windows of the luxury store Bergdorf Goodman in new York. Three-dimensional female portraits are hand-sewn from a single piece of thin translucent tissue. On one installation, the artist takes more than 50 hours of operation and more than 20 meters of thin tulle.

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      Former football player of "Barcelona" has passed in the Tula Arsenal

      The former defender of "Barcelona" Victor Alvarez was the player of the Tula "Arsenal". Contract 24-year-old Spaniard with Arsenal for two years. Financial terms of the agreement are not reported. Alvarez began his career at Barcelona, where in 2007 he moved to Espanyol.

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      The Committee to protect journalists called to investigate the attack on the house Latynina

      The Committee to protect journalists (CPJ) called on the Russian authorities to investigate the attack on the house of the journalist Yulia Latynina. "We urge the Russian authorities to take seriously this attack on Yulia Latynina and provide her the opportunity to live and work in security," said the organization.

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      Stream "the second coming of Christ" gathered at the screens of millions of viewers

      Live American news agencies Newsfeed gathered at screens more than 18 million people. The stream received more than 380 thousand posts and 290 thousand comments of users who actively encouraged everyone to believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ. The video was looped not comfortable with voice input.

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