• The Russians portatili real estate in skyscrapers trump's $ 100 million

  • Russian businessmen and politicians spent on real estate in residential complexes owned by the President of the United States Donald Trump, a minimum of 98.4 million dollars. Agency reports Reuters, studied database of apartment owners and realtors of the company Orbis Bureau Van Dijk.

    It is about seven high-rise complexes in Florida. According to the Agency, housing them bought at least 63 people with Russian passports. In addition, 703 2044 of real estate listings in these skyscrapers belong to companies that do not specify in the documents the real owners. Also not included those buyers who have Russian citizenship, but the acquisition of the premises they used passports of other countries. This from Reuters concludes that the Russians among the buyers of apartments can be more.

    The Agency calls the names of some buyers. Among them, allegedly, is a former top Manager of the Federal Agency for special construction Alexander Juzvik, the President of the Bank "Viking" in St.-Petersburg Alexey Ustaev and co-owner of Absolute Group LLC Andrew Truskov, as well as regional politicians and businessmen. Ustaev and Truskov confirmed to reporters that indeed own apartments in the complex trump.

    At the end of January it was reported, the company US President Donald trump's Trump Organization has filed with Rospatent application for registration of the two brands: the Keep America Great! and "let's Keep America great!"


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