• Russia in 2035 will send to the Arctic eight new icebreakers

  • Russia by 2035, plans to increase its presence in the Arctic region, increasing the region's icebreaking fleet to 8 units. About it writes on Friday the newspaper "Izvestia".

    "The need for courts to operate on the Northern sea route is mainly formed by oil and gas companies. The construction will be carried out mainly at the production facilities of the shipbuilding complex Zvezda", the newspaper quoted the representative of the Ministry of industry and trade.

    Also the mention of new icebreakers is contained in the documents of the Ministry of economic development of the state program of development of the Arctic. "The funding and timing of construction will be determined after the Ministry of industry and trade required supporting documents and materials. A final government decision on the implementation of the state program are not expected until September 2017," — said the MAYOR.

    Russia is the only country in the world with your nuclear icebreaker fleet. It consists of two atomic icebreakers with a double-reactor nuclear power plant with a capacity of 75 thousand horsepowers ("Yamal" and "50 years of Victory"), two icebreakers with a single-reactor plant with a capacity of about 50 thousand horsepower ("Taimyr", "Vaigach"), as well as atomic container carrier "Sevmorput" with the installation of 40 thousand horsepower, and five vessels maintenance. The atomic icebreaker "Soviet Union" is in the operational reserve.


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