• Roskoshestvo soaked and burned men's socks Pierre Cardin and Modis

  • Roskoshestvo studied the properties of men's socks in the Russian market and found the substitution of natural materials artificial in 65 percent of manufacturers. This is stated in the release, received by "Tape.ru".

    For the study 35 most popular men's socks, made in Russia, Belarus, China and Ukraine. They were tested for 11 different parameters. "The product was pulled, tore, burned and soaked in order to understand which brands in the Russian market will not put consumers in an awkward position", — stated in the message.

    The results of these manipulations Pierre Сardin and Modis were recognized as counterfeit. Not tested Roskoshestvo brands DMDBC, ISKRA, "OUR product", ARAMIS, BITEX, "Wear mine!", Grand, THOR, AKOS, Lorenz and a dozen others.

    The organization noted that the claimed composition is different from the actual in 22 of 35 samples tested. Some producers indicated the presence of 80 percent cotton, the time, as in the socks it was not at all.

    High demands to product quality has withstood the socks O'stin, "Brest", "Red branch", "Smolensk" and others.

    Socks luxury Italian brand Brioni in laboratory studies have successfully passed the safety test, but did not reach high requirements of Roskoshestvo of abrasion.

    In October, Roskoshestvo conducted a study of socks for children up to 12 years. According to its results, the organization found various violations on quality and safety a fifth of the products, 80 percent have passed the test.

    In the summer of 2016, the experts of the organization checked children's form, the results of the study were rejected half pants for boys.


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