• Rogozin accused the United States everywhere in the desire to spoil Russia

  • Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin accused the United States of wanting "to spoil us always and in all." So the politician in his microblog on Twitter commented published in the journal of The New York Times article dedicated to the question "how to deal with Putin's Russia".

    "Judging by this material in the NYT, Americans see their mission to spoil us everywhere and in everything", — Rogozin wrote.

    The article of the former head of the FBI, John McLaughlin written on the basis of his impressions about the trip to Russia in the fall of 2016. In it, in particular, argues that the United States "cannot allow" Moscow to act on its own.

    "In Russia today the question is what he wants [President] Vladimir Putin, because in all the serious Affairs dictates and commands it. And his purpose is clear: total domination inside the country


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