• The residence of the British Ambassador in Moscow threw "the bloody mannequins"

  • At the residence of the British Ambassador in Moscow has thrown a few splattered with paint mannequins. This is with reference to eyewitnesses, on Friday, November 4, reports "Interfax".

    According to the interlocutor of the Agency, it happened at about 17:30. Unknown drove up to the fence of the Embassy in a van, unloaded "the bloody mannequins", and threw them to the territory over the fence.

    An eyewitness reported that protesters were about 10-12, and they disappeared before the cops arrived.

    The journalists stressed that they did not have confirmation from official sources.

    3 November a group of activists blocked the work of the Russian Embassy in London. The entrance to the Embassy was filled with pieces of mannequins, and the protesters in t-shirts reading "save Aleppo" chained themselves to the gates.

    Diplomats appealed to the British foreign Ministry with a request to ensure the safety of employees in case of repetition of the action. The foreign office called the incident "a small peaceful action" and said, that has nothing to do with her.


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