• The Director commented on the departure of the audience from the play with nudity

  • Director Konstantin Bogomolov said on the air of "Moscow speaking" a scandal in Krasnoyarsk theater with his production of "Gargantua and Pantagruel" have gone a quarter of the audience. It happened after one of the actors took the panties that were written in the script.

    According to Bogomolov, he did not understand "why the show, which runs for three years, suddenly becomes a subject for review".

    "All my performances are always so responsive. How many people spent so much and comes. An ordinary reaction. All these years I'm not embarrassed and this should not confuse," said the Director.

    Earlier Friday it was reported that the audience left hall during a performance at the Theater of Opera and ballet in Krasnoyarsk, when the actor naked.

    "Gargantua and Pantagruel" Konstantin Bogomolov has put to Moscow "theatre of Nations" based on the novel by the French writer of the sixteenth century, françois Rabelais. The premiere took place on 12 may 2014. The performance lasts about three hours.


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