• The Director of "Masha and bear" refused to recognize the cartoon dangerous for the psyche

  • The Director of the cartoon "Masha and the bear" Denis Cherevatov did not agree with the psychologists, recognized a series threat to the psyche of kids, reports channel "360".

    "Understand that the Internet is such a big mess, anyone is capable of anything to write. They just watched, probably. It is necessary to advise them to look once, then [the judge]," said Chervarov.

    The Director likened the psychology of the double-edged sword. "I will not answer anything about the impact of a work of art on the human psyche," said he.

    On October 30 in the media began to spread information that some Russian psychologists have compiled a list of bad cartoons. First place in this ranking is the series "Masha and the bear", and the second American cartoon "Monster high", the third "spongebob Squarepants", the fourth — "Tom and Jerry".

    The Internet in the last three years repeatedly there were messages that the cartoon, according to psychologists, is harmful to children. Expressed the view that the series brings the audience on its inability to cope with problems, encourages spoiled and does not contain morality.

    "Masha and the Bear" released in 2009. The series is broadcast on the channel "Russia 1" in the program "good night, kids!". Each series lasts six minutes. The Creator of the animated series Oleg Kuzovkov, artistic Director of the Studio "Animecon", conceived the project in 1996.


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