• The rapper Roma Zhigan took part in the Arctic expedition of the special forces

  • In Nizhnevartovsk ended in a military expedition "and the landing-2017" started on March 25. During the exercise special forces tested the weapons and equipment in Arctic conditions, according to "Russian newspaper".

    At the end point of the route members of the expedition met a member of the Board of the Military-industrial complex Oleg Martyanov. He noted that to ensure continuous military protection of the Arctic zone is impossible. Military and terrorist threat needs to reflect the mobile forces of special units.

    In the expedition there were 13 people: six veterans of the airborne forces, the six active officers of the special forces and the rapper Roman Chumakov known as Roma Zhigan. The artist performed the duties of a videographer and a "support group".

    During the test, the military has proven that deer are not suitable as draft animals. A team of three animals are unable to carry a ton of cargo, and two men more of one kilometer. Snowmobile the commandos for one transition overcame 640 kilometres, although many of the elements of the Arctic transport have yet to be finalized.1.*

    The participants of the expedition experienced radio communications in the Northern latitudes. They note that the problem of the connection will be closed in the near future with the introduction of drones-repeaters and atmospheric satellites.

    The option of equipment "Warrior", according to the military, did well, but will be improved. The weapons the men were generally satisfied. The most effective recognized established in the USSR Kalashnikov assault rifles and Makarov pistols.

    The expedition "North landing" carried out since 2008 under the auspices of the Russian geographical society. The project is led by a veteran of the airborne troops Alexander Peterman. The objective of the expeditions — the study and exploration of the Arctic, the testing of navigation systems and weapons.


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