• Repair of suburban roads will cost 19 billion rubles

  • In the Moscow region in 2017 will be repaired over 3,100 kilometers of regional and municipal roads. On these purposes will direct to 18.6 billion rubles, said the Tape.ru, the Minister of transport and road infrastructure of the Moscow region Igor Treskov.

    According to him, should be restored more than 2,000 kilometers of regional and municipal roads 1075. Crackles said that this year will be a record amount of road work, exceeding last year's figures by more than a third.

    In 2016 for the repair of regional and municipal roads has been allocated 11 billion rubles. All was repaired about 2190 km of roads and yard areas: 4.1 million square metres on the municipal road network and 12 million in the region.

    To identify the broken roads near Moscow authorities have launched an online gotowanie on the portal of "Dobrodel". On its outcome will choose 400 miles of trails that need to recover before the end of 2017.

    In addition, residents of the Moscow region can complain of broken roads online photographing the pit and sending a claim through a special mobile application "Dobrodel". All information is handled in the regional Road transport road centre, which gives guidance to contractors and monitors the progress of work.


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