• Flight from Ekaterinburg to Antalya was delayed for seven hours

  • The flight WZ-9382 Red Wings airlines from Yekaterinburg to Antalya was delayed for 7.5 hours. This is evidenced by data online scoreboard the website of the carrier.

    The Tu-204 had to leave awagaman Koltsovo at 6:00 local time (4:00 GMT) on Thursday, may 18, but the flight was postponed to 13:30 (11:30 GMT).

    As specified on the airport website, the reason for the delay was a "training flight".

    Airline Red Wings is performing in Antalya only seasonal charters. The carrier only uses Russian aircraft and is the largest operator and buyer Tu-204.

    In mid-may, the departure of the aircraft from St. Petersburg to Antalya postponed at 18 hours. In Pulkovo airport were stuck for almost 300 people. Three dozen of these carrier "WIM-Avia" has provided the hotel, the rest were forced to wait for departure in the harbors.


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