• Real Madrid and Bayern Munich will play in the form of recycled ocean trash

  • The Munich "Bavaria" and Madrid "real" will compete in the national Championships in the form of recycled ocean debris. About it reported on the website of the German club and Twitter-account creamy.

    5 Nov Bayern will be playing in the Bundesliga with Hoffenheim in t-shirts that consists entirely of ocean trash — threads and fibers made from plastic waste collected on the coast of the Maldives.

    They will play in a similar fashion. According to Marca, cream will take the field in new product November 26, when within the Examples will play Jijona "sporting".

    After 10 rounds of the Spanish championship real Madrid with 24 points and heads the table. "Bavaria" is the first line of the table of the German championship, Bayern's 23 points in 9 rounds.


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