• Reveals the causes of the disappearance of the Indian-mathematicians

  • A group of American scientists have discovered traces of a lost civilization of the Anasazi Indians, after analyzing the genetic material of the oldest domesticated birds. The results of the study of the genomes of turkeys showed signs of migration of people that occurred more than eight centuries ago. According to experts, the Indians moved to the North new Mexico, giving rise to people Teva. The article was published in the journal PLOS One.

    Settlement of Anasazi, or ancient Pueblo were samples of native American culture that existed in the South-West of the present territory of the United States in the IX-XII century ad. Anasazi built stone buildings with unique architecture, carefully planned streets and blocks, and has outstanding mathematical abilities. However, to the XIII century, they began to leave their seats. The Anasazi civilization disappeared only a few decades after that.

    Scientists have identified mitochondrial DNA from the bones of domesticated animals, by analyzing haplogroup — group genes in different species inherited from a common ancestor. It became clear to 1280, Turkey two districts in new Mexico Mesa Verde and Northern Rio Grande was represented by two different genetic lines. But then birds in the Rio Grande got haplotypes characteristic of Mesa Verde. The results confirm the theory according to which the depopulation of Indians due to relocation.


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