• Revealed the secret of the popularity of the English countryside to tourists

  • The British were able to solve the mystery of the popularity of the English village of Kidlington from Chinese tourists. It is found out through the survey of travelers, writes The Telegraph.

    The residents of the village, located eight miles from Oxford, in the beginning tried to learn from foreigners what attracted them there. However, none of the tourists spoke English.

    In the end, the questionnaire was composed of several questions in Chinese, which were to meet the foreign guests. A local resident handed in the questionnaire, one of the foreign guides. Based on the stories of tourists from the group tour guide filled in the form.

    It turned out that travellers from China like the houses and gardens in the English village. According to the Chinese, they're not met at home. As explained by the travelers in Kidlington, you can feel the "true essence" of the UK.

    One of the local residents also contacted a friend in China who told that agencies in the country promote among customers Kidlington as a picturesque English village.

    On the influx of tourists from China in the town has become it is known in the summer of this year. This puzzled the British, as a little-known village has never been popular with foreigners.


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