• Revealed the main use of high-protein diets

  • A diet high in protein reduces the amount of fat in the liver by 48 percent in six weeks. It does not matter, animal or vegetable proteins drink. This is found researchers from the German Institute of human nutrition. The study is published in the journal Gastroenterology. This publication reports EurekAlert!

    In their work, scientists studied the effect of two variants of high-protein diets on metabolism of 37 volunteers aged from 49 to 78 years, suffering from diabetes type 2 diabetes and, in most cases, fatty liver disease. In one embodiment, the protein source was of plant origin food (noodles, bread, peas), and the other animal (low-fat dairy products, white meat and fish).

    It was found that all study participants were observed favourable changes in the liver and lipid metabolism, improving insulin sensitivity, and significant reduction in the level of hormones called the fibroblast growth factor in the blood. High concentrations of this hormone are typical for people with excess weight.

    Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is the most common chronic liver disease in Europe and the United States. In Russia the share of affected people is estimated at 37 percent. Lack of treatment can lead to diabetes of the 2nd type and liver cirrhosis.


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