• Revealed diet the healthiest people on Earth

  • A group of American scientists found out, what to eat, the representatives of the Bolivian Tsimane tribe — people who, according to experts, have a very healthy heart. The results published in the Lancet. Briefly about it, reports Gizmodo.

    The study involved 705 Bolivians. Scientists have determined the index coronary calcium (CAC) is a metric by which to assess the risk of coronary heart disease. An index of 100-400 corresponds to a high probability of the lung dysfunction of the coronary arteries.

    It turned out that 85 percent of the studied, the figure ranges from one to one hundred. While 65 percent of those who are 75 years old, CAC is equal to zero. Scientists believe that this low risk of cardiovascular disease is associated with a healthy lifestyle that lead people from the tribe. They do not smoke or drink alcohol, and on the day make 15-17 thousand steps.

    In addition, low levels of CAC affects the diet of Bolivians. Most of it are rice, corn, root vegetable cassava and plantain bananas. In addition, they consume lots of nuts. Overall, 72 percent of calories enters the body with carbohydrates and 14 percent from fats. The remaining share falls on the proteins, but in the tribe to eat more lean meat than do people from Western countries.


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