• Radikal said about the unacceptability of the Russian language for the patriots of Ukraine

  • The leader of the Ukrainian nationalist party Bratstvo (recognized as extremist and banned in Russia), Dmitry Korchinsky said that every word in Russian — a bullet in the heart of Ukraine, even if it's said in support of the country. About it on Friday, April 21, wrote in Facebook.

    So the politician commented on the statement of a rock musician Oleg Skrypka about the ghetto for those who do not learn Ukrainian. "Language is a weapon. Every word in the language of the invaders — a bullet in the heart of Ukraine, even if this word is for Ukraine. The violin has a right to one hundred percent," suggested korchinskiy.

    Previously, on 21 April, the head of the Ukrainian interior Ministry Arsen Avakov subjected criticism words of a Violin. "The fake pearl on non-Ukrainian people, especially disgusting" — expressed his attitude to the musician, the Minister.

    20 APR Violin said, people who live in Ukraine and can't learn the Ukrainian language, should be sent to gather in the ghetto. He also added that these citizens have a low IQ, and they were diagnosed with "idiocy". He later said, that actually offered to help Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens, providing them with educational support.

    The singer apologized to those who have touched his words about the ghetto for Russian.


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