• Putin explained the growth of prices for gasoline in Russia

  • The President of Russia Vladimir Putin commented on the rise in price of petrol in the country. According to him, this is due to many factors, including external market conditions of this type of fuel. The head of state said at a meeting with employees of Lebedinsky mining and processing plant, reports TASS.

    "If we have a free market, we basically can't keep their prices differently than in the neighboring countries, otherwise we just need to create a new iron curtain," said he.

    Putin noted that in Russia, gasoline prices and so lower than in many other States, which fuel is exported abroad. "If we don't want to have dragged, it is necessary and within the country to keep a certain level", — said the President.

    He stressed that the Russian authorities will not allow the manufacturers and sellers of gasoline to raise the price, but artificially to underestimate them, too, will not, as, according to him, it's bad for the economy.

    The head of state noted that the problem should be solved not by reducing prices, and increase wages and welfare of the people. "In some countries, the gas producers, for example, hold very low gas prices. But it completely inverted the economy. They have long been understood to act differently, but I can't do this step, to the alignment of the economy, because this comes from a chain of consequences, including of a social nature", — concluded Putin.


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