• "Psychedelic" carpets in the state Duma frightened and amused social networks

  • In social networks for two days discussing and laughing at the carpet in the Duma. Journalist Ekaterina Dementieva posted a picture of this piece of furniture in Facebook Thursday, August 10. After some time the picture appeared on an entertainment website Reddit.

    Dementieva signed post saying, "Double solid". Under the post there were such comments: "It's a double double I would say," "Hypernasality", "Psychedelic", "the Fourth dimension".

    Twitter users added the different images. For example, on the carpet "set" of twin girls from "the Shining" by Stanley Kubrick. Picture posted in response to a tweet: "Nothing worse in my life seen".

    Someone even made a GIF.

    On Reddit the theme with the carpet is called "the Corridor once drank too much vodka." In the discussion many users have thought of this alcoholic drink, also about the game Mario Kart and Super Mario 64. One of the users noted: "I've seen things like that in the United States. As a rule, the staircase, which was altered for the sake of convenience of persons with disabilities. Of course, carpet direct says he's from Russia." Judging by the comments in the thread on Reddit didn't know that photo was taken in the Duma.

    Strange visual effect in the picture was due to the fact that the carpet overlaps the other covering the ramp.


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