• The Prosecutor's office will check the Chelyabinsk kindergarten after the soup with worms

  • In the Chelyabinsk region, the Prosecutor's office will conduct an investigation after complaints from parents of pupils of a kindergarten soup with worms. On Thursday, 3 November, reported for the regional office.

    "In the course of verification activities will be given a legal assessment of the actions (inaction) of officials of preschool educational organization on the observance of the legislation on the protection of life and health of minors", — is spoken in the message of regional Prosecutor's office.

    That in Chelyabinsk to a kindergarten № 370 "Cinderella" served soup with worms in late October on his page at "VKontakte" said the mother of one of the pupils of Olga shurupova. To record the woman put photos of the dishes. According to her, the kids are told to "catch and eat". "Parents carried out the investigation showed that this was not an isolated case," said shurupova. She added that the teacher of the younger group who refused to feed the children soup, was fired.

    In September in the Chelyabinsk kindergarten №41 "Solnyshko" child while walking felt ill and began to lose consciousness. The boy was hospitalized in the intensive care unit. Later it turned out that the child poisoned the mad cucumber plant that grew on the territory of the kindergarten. The head of the institution was fined three thousand rubles.


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