• The public Prosecutor's office demanded to fine Geert Wilders for racism

  • In the course of the trial in the case of inciting hatred against Moroccans, the public Prosecutor's office demanded to sentence the leader of the Freedom Party of Geert Wilders to the penalty in 5 thousand Euro. About it reports Reuters.

    In accordance with the laws of the Kingdom, the maximum penalty under this article may be two years in prison. However, in this case the prosecution does not speak of the deprivation of liberty.

    Wilders denies his guilt.

    "According to the logic of the authorities, discussion of the most serious problems of our society — Moroccan problem — now yavyaetsya crime. We are slowly but surely losing the right to free speech," said Wilders.

    "If you say something about the Moroccans, you are immediately declared a racist. No one understands why this is so. This is complete insanity," — said the politician.

    The reason for the trial was the incident that occurred in the spring of 2014. Wilders, speaking to his storonik, asked them what he want, the number of perevezentcev from Morocco was increased or decreased. The protesters began in response to chant: "Fewer! Less! Less!". Smiling Wilders answered: "We'll take care of it".

    Currently, the Netherlands is home to about 400 thousand of Moroccans, accounting for about 2 percent of the population.

    The Wilders is not the first time sued in connection with anti-immigrant and Islamophobic statements. In 2011 he was acquitted on the charges against for the comparison of Islam and Nazism, and the call to ban the Koran.


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