• The project "Russian iPad" from Chubais failed

  • Startup Popslate, which is the partner "Rosnano" by the company Plastic Logic, announced the closure of its project for creating a case for iPhone with e-ink screen. At the moment he is in the process of liquidation, according to the website Popslate.

    According to project managers Behzadi Yashar (Yashar Behzadi) and Greg moon (Greg Moon), the company ran out of money. "We ran out of money for two main reasons. First, we spent a lot of resources for the development and preparation for release. (...) We are faced with some critical challenges that have significantly increased costs," the statement reads.

    This is due to the fact that after the release of the first generation of the cover, the creators decided to equip the device with battery to charge smartphone and make it suitable for both iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. As a result, in Popslate has faced a number of technical problems.

    Thus, the case did not pass the certification Made for iPhone, and it was decided to release different versions for each of the models of smartphones. After this device was not certified as to create interference in transmission and reception. Along with this, the method of charging smartphones through the covers was declared unsafe.

    For the production of Popslate 2 the company raised over one million dollars through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Initially, deliveries were to start in June 2016, but was pushed back to March 2017. At the moment, the company has announced that it will not be able to return the money invested in start users.

    The first version of Popslate black-and-white screen based on electronic ink was released in 2015. The head of RUSNANO Anatoly Chubais declared that this case is "Russian iPad". The device used a four-inch display manufactured by Plastic Logic, which the Corporation in 2011, has invested $ 150 million.


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