• Products with expiring shelf life offered to sell in online stores

  • Perishable products and products with expiring shelf life should be sold in the Russian online stores. Such suggestions are contained in the project "strategy of development of electronic Commerce in Russia in 2017-2018 and for the period till 2025" reports Rambler News Service.

    The document clarifies that we are talking about the returned goods of proper quality, but which require immediate implementation.The sale of such goods, according to the authors of the project should be carried out on a grant or concessional terms — to buy them will be socially oriented organizations.

    The Agency notes that these proposals will be considered in the Ministry of industry on March 21.

    In November 2016, it was reported that in Copenhagen opened the second store that sells products with expired shelf life. Such outlets are very popular. All products are provided by manufacturers, suppliers and other supermarkets for free. Selling expired products in Denmark is not prohibited if it does not pose a direct threat to the health.

    In addition, Europe is becoming increasingly popular the idea is not to throw away products that have expired. In February last year the French authorities banned supermarkets to throw away food. Retailers obliged to transfer the products with expiring charitable organizations and those in need.


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